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Work might be 9-5 but life is 24/7.

A small leak can become a major issue if you can't find a plumber. A change in working hours or location could mean a change in child care arrangments. A change in health for a parent or dependent sibling might mean you need extra support. Maybe you're going away and need someone to mind the pets or to find holiday accommodation.

Whether it's quotes from a tradesman in your area, finding a course, removalists quotes, ante-natal classes or finding a specialist who bulk bills we are here for you (just try us!)

We're committed to helping you find the services or support you need.

how we help


Work|Life Links does all the running around for you, contacting services and suppliers. We narrow the options to fit your needs and will then provide you with a report. From there, the decision is yours. We do not have preferred providers so we can provide you with the widest choice of options.

When relevant, we also provide you with additional information specific to your query e.g. financial assistance, nutritional information or guides to choosing the service.


who can we help?

Single people, people with children, people who are expecting a child, people with elderly parents, people with dependent siblings, people with pets, busy people...

If you don't have the time or resources to find the service or support you need, you are just the type of person we can help.

what's the cost?

There is no cost to you. Work|Life Links is a service provided to you by your employer.

ask now

ask now*X

it's the limit (what we don't do)


Work|Life Links is an information and resource service - we don't make the final choice for you. 

So, we can't organise your wedding (but we can help you find a venue in the wine region that will cater to 20 guests). We can't clip your dog's hair (but we can help you find someone who will come to your house and do it for you). And we can't mind your science mad kids in the holidays or put you up at our place if your house has flooded - but we can find a science activity vacation program and we can help find you emergency accommodation.

Everyone has their limits.






*  The Work|Life Links service is available to employees of our clients. Please check with your Diversity/Human Resources department to confirm whether you are eligibile. If your employer is not yet a client and would like to make our services available, please contact us.



What our clients say

That's really amazing! Thank you, you were able to get more information than I was. Katy S. (Searching for a gastroenterologist in Canberra)
Thanks so much for your assistance, this report provides heaps of options and I just wanted to thank you for your comprehensive effort. Katie (dog walking services)
Thank you for the attached information it definitely gives me a great place to start on my search for day care. Rachel (child care)
Thanks Natasha. That's great. Jeff (pilates service)
This sounds good - thanks very much for looking into this for me. This sounds like a good option. I would have expected the cost of purchase to be much higher! Tanya (medical device hire)
Thank you so much for such an impressive report.I will definitely be recommending your service to my colleagues.Laura B. (Searching for a car space in Sydney)
Many thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it. Craig (rental properties)
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