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health & lifestyle

Not exactly a concierge or personal assistant


We all prioritise. Sometimes there are things we need to do (or think we should do) that get pushed further down the list. Sometimes there is just too much going on our lives to deal with one more thing.

Usually it comes down to the same thing, there's just not enough hours in the day. That's where we can help. We'll do the leg work and prepare a report on the options available to you - the final decision is yours.

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crisis time



Even the most organised person can be undone by a crisis. Whether it's a flooded house, family illness or a relationship breakdown we can help locate the services you need. We provide you with the options, the final decision is yours.

We can also help you source:

  • community justice centres
  • legal aid
  • civil rights
  • private law firm specialists
  • temporary accommodation





moving time




A new community

Let us know what you're interested in and we will identify contacts for these groups in the area you're moving to. For example:

  • sport clubs/groups
  • gyms
  • voluntary work
  • religious organisations
  • adult education classes/leisure groups


not enough time




We can't do the exercise for you, but we can find the information you need on the availability and cost details of:

  • yoga classes, massage therapists, stress management and nutrition experts
  • dance classes, fitness classes and gyms

We can even look for specialist services such as exercise physiologists, and comprehensive health assessments.

relocating time


Relocating your work? Your partner? Your kids? Your pets?

Relocating for job change or promotion can be both exhilarating and exhausting. 

At a personal level, we can put you in touch with estate agents in your new city or country and find sporting, religious and social activities to match your needs.

For your family; we can prepare a report on local schools and activities suited to your child's needs. We can also let you know if their are any trailing spouse organisations which can provide on the ground support for your partner.




*  The Work|Life Links service is available to employees of our clients. Please check with your Diversity/Human Resources department to confirm whether you are eligibile. If your employer is not yet a client and would like to make our services available, please contact us.



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