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Overview of In-home Services - Australia

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) provides low level care in the home for people needing personal care, domestic services, transport or helping with daily tasks. This is an entry level support program where people can pay for individual services as needed. 

Home Care Packages fund an agreed suite of services (as a package) for older people who need regular, ongoing support and/or assistance to live independently in their own homes. Services included in this package are support services; personal care; nursing, allied health and other clinical services; and care co-ordination and case management. Home Care Packages provide 4 levels of support:

  • Level 1 - basic care needs
  • Level 2 - low-level care needs
  • Level 3 - intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 - high-level care needs

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short term elder care

a caring solution for a bride's big day

A Melbourne bride was getting married and wanted her grandparents from Queensland to attend.

Unfortunately the bride’s grandfather was too frail to travel and the grandmother did not feel comfortable leaving him alone at home by himself.

We were able to locate a respite bed in a local low care facility as well as an alternative option of having an in home carer to look after the grandfather. This enabled the grandmother to travel with the peace of mind knowing that her husband was being cared for.

dependent care


dancing in darwin


A woman had recently moved to Darwin to work and needed help in finding social dancing classes.

We found six dance studios in the Darwin area offering classes ranging from Latin, ballroom, jazz, hip hop, funk, tap dancing, belly dancing, Irish dance and ballet for her to choose from.



 health & lifestyle


starting school & support for a sibling with a disability

A WA family had a son who was about to start school, and a younger daughter with a severe developmental disability. Our consultants were tasked with finding playgroups or occasional care that would offer their daughter social interaction and stimulation, as well as after school care for their son and a support service to help him cope his sister’s disability. 
For the daughter, our intrepid consultants found several carer services that could help on an as-needed basis, some playgroup options, a family day care scheme that offered in-home care; and for the son after school care and a local support group for siblings of children with disabilities.

dog clipping

snappy dog needs a snappy trim

A Melbourne dog owner with a very nervous and snappy dog had been grooming the dog herself for years. When work and personal commitments meant she didn't have enough time for the task, she asked us to help her find an understanding dog groomer who made house calls.

We found several accommodating groomers and now the owner is happy and her dog is once again looking neat and trim.

health & Lifestyle

mind your language!

Finding an after hours Greek language school should have been straight forward for one NSW parent. She was looking for a Saturday school or after hours school for her 4, 6 and 8 year old sons. However, as neither parent had grown up in the area they were at a loss as to where to start.

We were able to track down the two key organisations that serviced the region and were able to provide the family with a number of options that would be suitable for the boys within a reasonable distance of their home.

child care

from dependence to independence

A Sydney mother's twenty five year old son was moving out from the family home.

The son had a physical disability and was in a wheelchair. He needed assistance with modifying his new property so it was more accessible for his wheelchair.

We were able to put the employee in touch with a range of associations who offered relevant advice and assistance in completing the modifications.

dependent care

vacation care

nanna and the boys on holiday


A busy Mt Albert parent needed to find school holiday solutions for her son. He had just started school, so it was important to find something he enjoyed and could share with his best friend.

They wanted an all-day program as well as some vacation activities that his Nanna could also take them to. The boys were both into science, but their parents wanted them to experience positive, fun sports and outdoor activities, as well as some science special activities.

We were able to find several great vacation care programs that combined sports (and a smattering of science as well!) And, we found some interesting Star Wars and Lego activities for trips with Nanna too!

child care


a new home in nz

relocating from SYD to AUK

A Sydney worker was relocating for 3 months from Remuera, New Zealand with the possibility of it being a permanent move.

We sourced short-term accommodation in the area she was looking in and at a cost she was interested in.

This employee required storage for her belongings with the possibility of shipping them to New Zealand.

We located storage and removal companies at competitive prices that could provide both services.

After successfully relocating she contacted us again because she wanted to join a gym close to her new home with a swimming pool and cardio machines. We were able to provide her with suitable options.

health & lifestyle

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